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4.1 COMPOSER: Hybrid Emergency by Annie Siddons

Recruiting a brilliant composer to work with me on my new show Hybrid Emergency.

Initial work will be three weeks in Autumn 2019. Show to launch Summer 2020.

Creating chooooooons and songs in interesting accessible popular hybrid forms. I will need to be able to play these on stage. My instruments are keys and flute but I’m interested in learning to push buttons mix on stage etc. Some stuff will be recorded also.

R&D dates in London:
4-8 November
18-22 November
9-13 December

You may not be needed for all of this time but will need to be available for as much of it as possible. First two weeks are essential.

I’m looking for an experienced composer for performance with interest across genres and styles and delivery methods. As ever I am wanting to employ queeros, POC and women as priority.

If and only if you fit the bill and are interested please mail me on with a CV and salary requirement.




CONTACT: to express interest in the role and further details.

This is a paid opportunity.


Annie Siddons is looking for female/non-binary, queer and POC creatives to join her team for her new show which is a piece of autobiographical fiction on the subject of HYBRIDITY. If you are a female/non-binary identifying composer, sound designer, video designer, choreographer, set designer, or any other creative, please get in touch. Looking to assemble the team by July 2019.

CONTACT: to express your interest with your CV and links to examples of your work.

This is a paid opportunity.


outbox casting callout.jpeg


This is a paid opportunity.

Opportunity closed


Audre Lorde Call Out.jpg

Full details here. Applications to

This is a paid opportunity.

Opportunity closed


2.1 STAGE MANAGER: My Kind of Michael at Summerhall

Stage Manager for Edinburgh Fringe show My Kind of Michael at Summerhall. The shows run 1st-26th August 7pm-8pm (not including 2,13 & 20) with the tech get in on 31st July 7pm-11pm. This is a paid opportunity.

If you are interested and available please contact

Opportunity closed


2.2 ACTORS: Web Series Pilot

Hannah Sands and Robbie Taylor Hunt (artistic director of Airlock theatre; shows include Eris at The Bunker Theatre and national tour of Wife) are developing a comedy-drama web series about queer procreation. The program follows lesbian twenty-nine-year-old Claire who realises her want to get pregnant, and the course of action that follows. Claire is supported by her bisexual girlfriend Oli and their gay friend Reuben. The show also charts the lives of other queer peers, including their pansexual friend Jo and bisexual friend Lea. Think Broad City mixed with Please Like Me.

Shooting one week in late-September/October (flexible). This is an unpaid opportunity at this stage.

The parts we are looking to cast for the pilot episode include:

CLAIRE (29) - gay, female

OLI (24) - bi, female, girlfriend of CLAIRE. Doing a masters in Fine Art

REUBEN (25) - gay, male, knows OLI from Uni. Runs theatre workshops.

JO (20s) - pansexual, genderqueer, they/them. Runs a food/art stall. Friend of CLAIRE, OLI and REUBEN

LEA (30s) - bi, female, Spanish, works at JO’s stall

**Please note: We are looking to cast a diverse set of actors and encourage interest from a wide range of backgrounds. For the main characters (CLAIRE, OLI and REUBEN) we are looking for actors with good comic timing.

If you are interested and available please contact


1.1 THEATRE PRODUCER: Since U Been Gone

Teddy Lamb is seeking a producer for their next show Since U Been Gone. The show is currently in development (with the hope to premier and tour in 2019). Teddy is looking for a queer producer to help formulate the premier/touring strategy and to help to shape the form and journey of the work. They'd also like to create an ongoing professional relationship that can continue past this one specific show. This is a paid opportunity.


Opportunity closed


1.2 ACTOR: Film

We would like to hear from queer actors for a film opportunity being cast by the amazing Sue Odell. This is a paid opportunity.


Opportunity closed


1.3 ACTOR/SINGER: Dennis of Penge

Theatre maker Annie Siddons is looking a male identifying POC aged 30-35 with great collaboration skills to work with her in her new show Dennis of Penge which opens at the Albany and Ovalhouse in the autumn. You must be an excellent singer and great with text.

It’s a spoken word, music and performance show with music by Asaf Xohar and directed by Laura Keefe. It’s about love, addiction, recovery, poverty, friendship, systemic fuckery of poor people and revenge and is loosely based on the Bacchae. It’s also a hymn to my childhood ends of SE20.

This is a paid opportunity.


Rehearsals 20 August - 20 September

Four week run after that split between the two venues.


Opportunity closed


1.4 FREE WORKSHOPS: Omnii Collective

Omnii is a collective based in London, aiming to inspire women and non-binary sound enthusiasts to operate in all aspects of music production. They currently run workshops to provide and supplement technical knowledge both in the studio (engineering and production) and in live sound. Check their website for details.



1.5 10% DISCOUNT: Gillian Carey Graphic Design

Queer graphic designer Gillian Carey who designs our posters and programmes is offering a 10% discount for attendees of any GET IN THE HOUSE event. Discount code is announced at our event. Contact us if you missed it.



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