This November we’re taking over at Omnibus Theatre!

We’ve invited two of our incredible artists to share performances of exciting new work in its early stages. Join us for a night of new theatre and be able to say you were there when these shows began!

After the performances we have DJ Aisha Mirza playing us out in the bar and there will be a chance to connect with us, with some special invited industry guests and with each other.

Dear Young Monster by Pete MacHale

Dracula’s bite is a testosterone injection, hormonal rage and puberty peach fuzz manifests as the Wolfman, drunk lads gather at the door of the toilet cubicle like angry villagers mobbing Frankenstein's castle. Using monster movie iconography to explore self image and articulate the trans experience, join Pete as he navigates moments of gender euphoria and dysphoria and tries to rebuild and reconnect with his body through expressions of ugliness, looking for comfort in monstrosity.

Welcome to the show! by Jennifer Dixon

She hasn’t quite figured out what “the show” is just yet. She gets distracted by the usual; video’s of dogs dancing, needing a snack, needing a nap, waking up from the nap and needing another snack... cigarettes, Instagram, watching clips from Say Yes to the Dress because her attention span is far too small for an entire episode, oh and her dad died. Small things really. But she’s working on it, promise!

The development of these ideas is generously supported by Arts Council England, Omnibus and the Gate.

Upcoming dates:

Omnibus Theatre, £6
Thu 28th Nov, 7:30pm

Photo: Max Zadeh