Dear Young Monster

Written and performed by Pete MacHale

Dracula’s bite is a testosterone injection, hormonal rage and puberty peach fuzz manifests as the Wolfman, drunk lads gather at the door of the toilet cubicle like angry villagers mobbing Frankenstein's castle. Using monster movie iconography to explore self image and articulate the trans experience, join Pete as he navigates moments of gender euphoria and dysphoria and tries to rebuild and reconnect with his body through expressions of ugliness, looking for comfort in monstrosity.

Dear Young Monster is currently in its research and development stages, kindly supported by Arts Council England.

About Pete

Pete is an actor, writer and artist based between Bristol and London whose past work has looked at bodily autonomy (The man who came back), gender identity and loss (Father’s last face), and evoking horror (Pike county disturbance).

Since graduating from Arts University Bournemouth, Pete has primarily acted for screen: The Feed (Amazon Prime); Involuntary Activist (Iris Prize dir. Mikael Bundsen); The Cure (Roundhouse dir. Rebecca Gosnell). Dear Young Monster marks Pete’s return to writing and devising for stage. You can follow Pete on Twitter @p_machale and his art on Instagram @pmachaledraw

Upcoming dates:

Omnibus Theatre, £6
Thu 28 Nov, 7:30pm


Set Design: Christian Hey
Lighting Design: Clancy Flynn
Outside Eye: Emma Frankland

Photo: Tatjana Paneck (top). Drawings: Pete MacHale (bottom).